CHET Billing Procedure

The CHET Billing Forms are due the first week of each month to Tiffany Rice (MC-5084) or the CHET Mailbox in the PICU reception area. 

CHET Billing Sheets can be downloaded here: CHET Billing Form.

When filling out the billing sheet, the following information would apply:

        The Transport Fee is paid for transports meeting any of the following criteria:
                Departure or arrival time between 1800 to 0800
                Any transport done on Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday
                Any transport done while “off service”
        You are paid for transport on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays no matter what time the transport 
        If actually called to transport during the week (the time criteria is from 1800 to 0800),
                the transport fee is calculated from the Transport Fee Reimbursement Schedule.


Include a written explanation if any of the following apply:

        Request for payment of on-call shift that does not match call schedule
        Request for payment of a transport for which there is no documentation
        Request for payment of transport that conflicts with CHET LOG information

Children’s Hospital recognizes the following holidays:

On-Call Reimbursement Schedule:
        $  50 – CHET Call Day
        $100 – CHET Call Night
        $100 – Holiday CHET Call Day
        $200 – Holiday CHET Call Night

Transport Fee Reimbursement Schedule:
Local:  $150
            Children's East County
            Paradise Valley
            San Ysidro
            Scripps Chula Vista
            Scripps La Jolla
            Scripps Rancho Bernardo
            Villa View

Intermediate:  $175
            Children's Urgent Care Escondido
            Mission Viejo
            North County Pediatrics
            Ramona Clinic
            Scripps Encinitas

Long Distance:  $250
            Blythe (Palo Verde)
            Brawley (Pioneer)
            Camp Pendleton
            El Centro
            Inland Valley
            Rancho Springs


         $300 for out of the San Diego, Imperial, and Riverside Counties
         $400 for greater than 6 hours or pre-arranged CHET’s out of San Diego, Imperial, and Riverside counties
         If transport is done by an ‘Off Service’ Fellow, the amount of transport reimbursement will be paid regardless of the time frame.
         Note: if picking up 2 patients at the same time, the second patient is paid half of the transport fee for that area.